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castlebay above ground pool


The Castlebay Premium Above Ground Swimming Pool’s sleek and modern design will entice you into a world of refreshing sensations and family fun. With our Nine-Layer Ridgibond resin coated wall construction and weather-proof resin frames that are specially formulated to withstand the more harmful effects of the sun and weather, you can relax knowing that your investment will offer you many years of enjoyment.



  • 52″ Nine Layer RidgibondTM Resin Coated Wall
  • Round Sizes Available: 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′
  • Oval Sizes Available:12′ x 24′,15′ x 30′,18′ x 33′
  • 7″ Resin Top Rail
  • Contemporary “Ivory” Wall Pattern
  • Corrosion-Free Resin Foundation System
  • Interlocking Resin Stabilizers
  • Traditional Buttress Ovals
  • Saltwater Compatible

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