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A spa is a year-round vacation spot to share with family and friends. Your spa is ever-ready and always the most comfortable seat in the house. In cold temperatures or the heat of summer, a Garden Leisure Spa™ is the perfect environment for your leisure time.


While some categorize a spa as a “luxury” item, that quick afternoon dip offers much more than a good time.
History is ripe with examples of the therapeutic benefits of frequent spa use – known as hydrotherapy.

Ancient civilizations from the Far East to the Roman Empire believed in the restorative power of water, crediting the healing liquid for relieving everything from aching muscles to sleepless nights, and modern health professionals have echoed those findings.

Warm waters, massaging jets and the ethereal feel of weightlessness all blend together beautifully in your Garden Leisure™ Spa, creating the ideal atmosphere to promote healing. Even a short soak can improve your physical fitness.

A dip in your Garden Leisure Spa can

· Improve your circulation.
· Revitalize tired muscles.
· Reduce muscle strain and soreness.
· Alleviate your sinus pressure.
· Relieve tension throughout your body.
· Promote restful sleep.


For many spa owners, healthy living is simply a pleasant byproduct to indulging in their favorite pastime – and the Garden Leisure Spa™ line is geared for fun.

There’s plenty of room for family and friends, making the Garden Leisure Spa the perfect setting for your leisure activities.

Even when it’s not the center of attention, a spa sets the scene for any get-together. The attractive design of the Garden Leisure Spa, coupled with the gentle, babbling-brook-like sound of the water enhances the mood of your outdoor event. Cascading waterfalls and LED mood lighting add to the ambience, providing a colorful show for your party guests.


A spa is the ideal spot to reconnect with the kids and refocus on the family. In the distraction-free zone of your Garden Leisure Spa™, get back to family basics and develop new bonds.

Put a new spin on family game night when you relocate to your spa. With a number of waterproof cards and games on the market, “Go Fish” takes on a whole new meaning. Soak under the stars and turn the relaxation time into an astronomy lesson – the possibilities are endless.
For the little ones, a spa is an ideal place to baby step into a respect and appreciation for water. As always, be sure the proper adult supervision is on hand and the appropriate spa safety measures are taken.

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